Colloquium Series at MUN

This is the faculty series running Tuesdays. We will also have a full schedule of outside speakers coming in, including Dan Smith (Purdue) next week.

The Department of Philosophy’s Annual Winter Colloquium, 2013

‘What is Metaphysics?’

(C-4036, 2:00-3:15)

Jennifer Flynn

“Metaphysics and Ethics – Are there Moral Principles?”

Tuesday, January 22

Michelle Rebidoux

“Metaphysics and Philosophy of Religion: Four Strategies of Response to Heidegger”

Tuesday, January 29

John Scott

“First Person Metaphysics”

Tuesday, February 5

Suma Rajiva

“Metaphysics and Morals in Kant”

Tuesday, February 12

Peter Harris

“What Can We Say About Being?”

Tuesday, February 26

Scott Johnston

“Firstness in Thirdness: the Place of Chance and Other Ineffables in the Peircean Triad”

Tuesday, March 5

Walter Okshevsky

“Why We Live in a Post-Metaphysical World”

Tuesday, March 12

David Thompson

“Kinds of Reality”

Tuesday, March 19

Antoinette Stafford

“Metaphysics and Intuition: Hegel and Jacobi”

Tuesday, March 26

Peter Gratton

“Derrida’s Metaphysics”

Tuesday, April 2

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3 comments on “Colloquium Series at MUN

  1. dmfant says:

    nice lineup, are these going to be recorded?

  2. Peter Gratton says:

    I’m going to try to do it, but we’ll see what the consensus is about it.

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